A Real Life Modern Day Odyssey Beyond Near Death…

Jasmina Agrillo Scherr uses the experiences of her life to draw upon a living, breathing quantum reality, which she refers to as “Heart Time” to transform trauma, illness, near death and divorce to find identity, meaning, healing and love. Along the way, she answers the questions: As a human being what is my relationship to quantum consciousness? Where is it? How can we use it?

At the outset, Jasmina, guides the reader to tap into the quantum experience to uncover their soul secrets throughout her multi-dimensional healing journey. From the ancestral shores of Sicily, to New England, India, South America, and California, the transformation to the next level of consciousness unfolds. Along the way, doubts prevail, wrong turns taken, and fears faced, as the author learns to trust what the heart feels and quantum reality knows. ​

Awaken Your Soul to Create the Life of Your Dreams!

Get a glimpse into the magnificence of your spiritual self and find new meaning in the struggles in our lives.

Learn how to utilize your Divine connection to create a life of joy, empowerment, and abundance. 
About Jasmina Agrillo Scherr

I write to heal my soul. It is at once my cry to the universal source to never 
abandon me; and an outpouring of deepest gratitude for the divine’s answer 
to the call. As I call to the universe, it is calling to me. The divine needs my 
love as much as I need its response. I write to inspire you, beloved reader. 
To experience the beauty, the meaning, the reflections of your soul in your 
own life story. I am here to remind you of who you really are. To tell you
 that  there is nothing no matter how unforgiveable, how painful, that cannot be healed. I have 
had many life lessons to learn how to listen and trust in the guidance of my spiritual heart. In 
the end the only thing that remains is Love. And Joy. And Peace.

In Love,

Spiritual pilgrim, yogi mystic, Jasmina Agrillo Scherr, has over 25 years experience inspiring people the world over how to access and use the power of their heart to impact consciousness, health, performance, creativity and relationships. Her expertise is multi-faceted, as an author, spiritual healer/coach, brain injury specialist, and sculptor. Currently residing in Los Angeles, she likes long walks on the beach, meditating, movies, and ethnic cooking experiments in the kitchen. She enjoys sharing the spiritual adventure wherever it takes her with her husband, Kenny, and friends from around the world.

From the Author

Have you ever wondered, woken up in the dark of the night, longing for something you don’t even know? Do you have moments where you feel your power, your greatness calling to
you? Who you are in your life, the world, the universe? Your purpose?

Since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by the characters in fairytales and myths. I was fascinated by how the hero, plagued with seemingly impossible situations, is aided by divine intervention in some way, and survives by sheer wit, courage, and intuition. All those fairytale and mythological characters are us: divinely human, groping our way in the dark with our soul light to show the way. We are not alone. The universal forces through our fellow human travelers, our spirit guides in nature and the spiritual realms are drawn to help us. We are human mirrors of the divine, with all the forces of the universe inside our hearts at our beck and call. We are finding our way home to the divine human we really are.

We are all called. This is my story of how I answered the call. The universe answers the call to which I refer through adversity and failure, as well as through success. Through the challenges I have had to overcome, I know my life to be an odyssey, an adventure, in becoming who I am.
As you read through the vignettes of my life story, may you feel your greatness calling to you, revealing itself through your own life story. Perhaps a memory, a feeling, an image, or a sensation surfaces while you read a passage. I invite you to take a break when you feel the urge—to pause, breathe, reflect with a notebook handy and a pen (your ready sword of truth) poised to record your insights.

Every path we choose to walk on the spiritual journey is  valid as it takes us to our greatness and oneness with our own unique connection to the universe. Join me as I encounter the
souls, and the life situations that have mirrored for me the lessons and wisdom of who I really am and have yet to be. I invite you to delve deeper into the meaning and wisdom about your own life reflected in my story.

Enjoy the story. Happy trails.

This book covers:

  • Enhancing your relationships
  • Transforming pain and loss into abundance and joy 
  • Creating a balanced life
  • Tapping into the power of Divine love 
  • Creating harmonious and loving relationships
  • Utilizing hope, gratitude, and right action
  • Experiencing forgiveness
  • Moving beyond constriction, fear, doubt, and negative thoughts/emotions
  • Utilizing Divine Love to create success

And much more!

"I had a premonition that something truly horrible was going to happen to me!  I heard the still small voice inside me say, 'Yes, something is going to happen. You will be allowed to live!'  
I prayed for strength and courage." ~Jasmina Agrillo Scherr
December 2009
I am shopping at a dollar store outside of Melbourne, Australia, in the small mountain village of Kallista. My fiancé, the clerk, and myself are the only people in the old time store....The discount shirt looks like a good buy for $10.00. I feel a slight electrical sensation on my skin. I turn to face a woman, a stranger standing a foot away. She looks at me and speaks as if she were expecting to meet with me. She seems to know everything about me. In a clear, firm voice, she says the name of the healer I was with in South America three weeks ago.

"I have a message for you! Spirit wants you to bring your message of healing to the world. Spirit will guide you and is waiting to speak through you." My sense of time and place collapses.
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"I had a premonition that something truly horrible was going to happen to me! I heard the still small voice inside me say, 'Yes, something is going to happen. You will be allowed to live!'  I prayed for strength and courage."                                                                                                                         ~Jasmina Agrillo Scherr